EA available for Channel Islands Harbor breakwater and jetty repair

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, has published the Final Environmental Assessment for the Channel Islands Harbor Breakwater and Jetty Repair project.

The proposed activities are within the Channel Islands Harbor in the City of Oxnard, California.

According to USACE, the proposed modifications are located within the Harbor, on and adjacent to the detached breakwater located near the entrance to the Harbor. 

USACE photo

The project area would encompass approximately 17 acres on and surrounding the detached breakwater.  

The Corps, as part of its Operations and Maintenance Program, proposes to:

  • install three sets of concrete staircases;
  • replace in kind the existing navigational aid concrete pad on the breakwater;
  • excavate approximately 25,000 cubic yards of shoaled sediments in the lee of the detached breakwater to a depth of -15 feet mean lower low water (MLLW), with a 2 foot allowable over-depth, and place the material by sidecasting it into Areas B and C of the existing Channel Islands Harbor Operations and Maintenance (O&M) dredge template.

The Final SEA, incorporated herein by reference, evaluates two alternatives:

  • The No Action Alternative, under which no excavation and sediment placement, staircase installation or navigation aid pad replacement would occur;
  • Proposed Action, in which the adjacent breakwater shoal would be excavated and sidecast allowing access for staircase installation and navigation aid pad replacement.

Photo: Ventura County Harbor Patrol