Funds secured for Kamchatka dredging project

The Russian government has allocated over $288.3 million for the construction of shipping canal, which will lead to the new LNG terminal in Kamchatka.


According to the document that was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, more than RUB 21 billion will be invested into the construction of an LNG terminal in the Bechevinskaya Bay.

A big chunk of the funding will be used for the dredging of an access canal to the seaport. The canal of over 6 kilometers long is expected to be put into operation in 2023 as a federally owned facility.

The construction of NOVATEK’s LNG terminal in the Bechevinskaya Bay, Kamchatka Territory, is one of the largest capital dredging projects in Russia.

The terminal’s new canal will be 6.6 kilometers long, 275 meters wide and 16.1–17.2 meters deep. Dredging works on the canal are needed due to its insufficient depth (up to 3 meters) and silt accumulation.

Subsea dumping of the dredged material is planned in the northern part of the bay with the seabed level of over 45 meters.