Boskalis’ TSHD Freeway busy at Texel

Boskalis’ hopper dredger Freeway is currently engaged in a very important work near the Dutch island of Texel.


The project involves replenishing the foreshore near the northern and middle part of the island to dampen the waves as well as nourishing the beach on the southern part.

The Freeway has been fitted out with a dedicated Selective Catalytic Reduction system that reduces the emission of nitrous oxides, a significant greenhouse gas, in the exhaust of the vessel.

According to Boskalis, this technology helps reduce the climate and environmental impact of the project.

Boskalis photo

“To protect coastlines from severe weather and the impact of climate change, we regularly execute replenishment operations at various locations around the world. Coastal maintenance is particularly crucial in our low-lying home country of the Netherlands to protect millions of households and businesses against flooding,” Boskalis said.

Texel is one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, off the coast of the Netherlands. It’s known for the bird-rich Dunes of Texel National Park, with its sandy beaches, grass-topped dunes and forest trails.