DEME: Optimizing business processes with delaware platform

To stay competitive and to continuously offer the best possible solutions to clients, DEME Group continually invests in new vessels and new technologies. photo

In recent years, they have invested a lot in the digitalization of many processes, as well as in tools to improve collaboration between their employees.

The result of the collaboration with delaware, is a hybrid platform that can be used locally on board of the vessel.

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DEME focuses on four key areas:

– the automation of vessels;

– a digital workplace for employees;

– the further standardization and digitalization of processes, as part of a focus on operational excellence using Microsoft Dynamics ;

– and the further centralization of data platforms to allow advanced data analytics.

“delaware supported our pragmatic approach for the implementation of new technologies. The combination Microsoft, delaware and Deme works great to stimulate innovation, not for the sake of innovation, but to create value in our business processes,” said Kenneth De Feyter from DEME.