Taganrog Port project includes dredging

Russian regulatory body Glavgosexpertiza has approved the design documentation and engineering survey results for the construction of new cargo handling facility at Taganrog Port.

FSUE Rosmorport

The new facility that will be built in the area of the port’s Northern pier is expected to handle 270,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

The design document foresees the construction of a multipurpose facility intended for direct transshipment of grain.

The terminal will be built in two phases. The first one will include reconstruction of the Northern pier and construction of two cargo berths as well as installation of equipment and hydraulic engineering facilities.

Phase I also envisages installation of utility services and dredging at Berth No. 10 while dredging at Berth No. 11 will be conducted during Phase II of the project.

Design documentation for the project was developed by Transport Projects and Investments LLC and Sea Grain Terminal LLC.