Aberdeen South Harbour expansion enters final stretch

Aberdeen Harbour Board announced recently that the final two caissons will soon arrive into the site which will complete the South Pier.

Aberdeen Harbour

They also added that considerable progress has been made on the South Breakwater, which has reached its completed length with work beginning on building its profile.

Meanwhile, work on the Crown Wall is continuing and the infill work behind the caissons on the North Quay is complete.

What to expect in the month ahead:

  • Arrival and placement of the final caissons for the South Harbour expansion;
  • Placement of rock armour and accropodes along the length of the South Breakwater;
  • Concrete pours for the Crown Wall and commencement of work on the capping section for the top section of the wall;
  • Installation works for the 3km water main, connecting the expanded site to the existing Scottish Water supply network and Torry Quay.

The £350 million South Harbour expansion is the largest marine infrastructure project underway in the UK.

When fully finished in October 2022, the Dunnottar Quay is to be the 400 meter long east quay with Crathes Quay to be the 175 meter long south quay. Balmoral Quay, the west quay, will be 300 meters long and Castlegate Quay, the north quay, will be 540 meters long.