Canada Pump and Power presents Mighty Dredge

Canada Pump and Power is introducing the Mighty Dredge – an electric, winch driven, digging underwater robot, directed solely by a computer. 

Mighty Dredge

This piece of equipment can work in poisonous environments, in extreme weather conditions, and at great depths.

The Mighty Dredge does not need an operator on site – it can work in hazardous environments and in extreme conditions.

“Our technology allows our dredge to work 24/7 for weeks at a time without taking a break. It can work longer and with a much smaller footprint than conventional equipment,” said Jeremy Leonard, the company CEO.

MD Display

The Mighty Dredge is monitored through the internet. If the Mighty Dredge runs into a problem, it stops, sending the message to the user.

Mighty Dredge

This dredger maps its progress in real time based on the three-dimensional position of the dredge head so the customer can see online what is getting accomplished.

The Mighty Dredge comes in all sizes and utilizes different cutter heads and pumps depending on the type of material that needs to be dredged.