Phuket Marina dredging underway

Royal Phuket Marina recently kicked off another dredging project that will deliver round-the-clock access for boats up to 35 metres.

Royal Phuket Marina

According to the marina’s website, the dredging of the 750 metres Koh Kaew Canal inner channel will allow 24-hour access even at low tide.

The dredging will ensure an inner-channel width of 20 metres and a depth of 2.5 metres even at the lowest tide levels, and is scheduled to be completed in October 2021, at the start of the high season.

“This latest investment reinforces our commitment to our customers and to the betterment of the island’s overall marine infrastructure,” said Mr. Gulu Lalvani, Chairman of Royal Phuket Marina. “We aim to attract additional yacht and boat owners to the island, who may have previously opted for other destinations.”

“It is part of our vision to make Phuket the yachting hub of Asia, and a destination on par with any other marine destination in the world,” added Mr. Lalvani.

Together with the current outer-channel dredging work by Phuket’s Marine Department, slated for completion by the end of September, the project will greatly increase the accessibility to the marina, allowing boats up to 35 metres to safely enter and exit Royal Phuket Marina around the clock.