Muskegon Lake dredging VIDEO

Michigan-based environmental services firm Taplin Group, LLC yesterday presented a video of the dredging operations at Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve.

Taplin Group

The project involves restoration of the nature preserve that was polluted from foundry sands and metal contamination, in addition to being heavily overgrown with invasive species.

The Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve located on Lake Avenue just west of the causeway is a targeted area of concern (AOC) that will be addressed under this project. The area has been filled in the past with foundry sands showing elevated levels of various metals.

Miscellaneous concrete debris is present, detracting from the aesthetics of the preserve. In addition, invasive species have infiltrated the area and have dominated natural species.

View on Youtube.

The desired goals of this project are to improve the general habitat of this nature pre-serve, increase biological diversity and vitality in the area and improve the overall beauty and appeal of the preserve.

To accomplish this, several activities will be completed including dredging. Wetland areas will be enhanced by removing soil and lowering the elevation of targeted areas. New disconnected wetlands will be generated where amphibious species can flourish with-out predation by fish. In other areas, hydraulic connections will be created to restore natural water migration within the pre-serve.

The entire goal of this project is to improve the preserve habitat and return the area to a more natural setting allowing environmental conditions and wildlife diversity to rebound. When finished, the area will be restored to a clean, natural environment for residents and local wildlife to enjoy for years to come.