Funding for St Annes sea wall gets OK

A £12.1m fund towards the regeneration of the St Annes sea wall has been approved by the Environment Agency.

The sea wall will play a crucial role in protecting hundreds of homes and dozens of businesses in the Lancashire community from coastal erosion and floods.

This money from the Environment Agency will enable Fylde Council to replace the existing sea wall, which was built in 1935 and is in poor condition. It stretches 660 metres around Pleasure Island.

“I am delighted that the council has received approval with the necessary financial support for this important infrastructure scheme,” said Cllr Roger Small, chair of the operation management committee for Fylde Council.

“The new sea wall project will first and foremost provide security from rising sea levels for the next 100 years, but as we have seen with our other sea wall enhancements, it will bring in extra revenues from increased visitors and users.”

According to the council, work on-site could begin as early as January 2023 and be complete by August 2024.