Long-term solution for West Beach one step closer

The long-term solution to save West Beach is one step closer with a development application being lodged this week for the construction of a sand recycling pipeline between Semaphore and West Beach.

Part of the Marshall Liberal Government’s ‘Securing the Future of our Coastline’ project, the pipeline will move sand from northern beaches where it builds up to beaches that are eroding and will be based on the successful pipeline between Glenelg and Kingston Park.

Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs, said that the development application will include the proposed pipeline design which will connect to the existing sand pumping system at West Beach and extend northwards to the Semaphore South breakwater.

“For far too long residents of West Beach have watched on as their beach has disappeared before them and the development application means we are one step closer to delivering a long-term solution once and for all,” Minister Speirs said.

“We want to get sand carting trucks off of our beaches and restore this important beach in Adelaide’s western suburbs which is why we are forging ahead with the recycling pipeline and delivering sand to West Beach in the meantime.”

“This is another positive step towards securing West Beach’s future and the sand recycling pipeline will solve the our erosion problem once and for all,” Member for Colton, Matt Cowdrey, added.

“Importantly, our mass sand replenishment will provide a significant boost for West Beach in time for the upcoming summer which will be a welcomed by local residents, businesses as well as visitors.”

The Department for Environment and Water will be holding community information sessions in November to coincide with the public notification phase of the development application for the sand recycling pipeline.

Photo: environment.sa.gov.au