AGM Marine kicks off Wellfleet Harbor dredging project

AGM Marine Contractors of New Bedford, MA, have started works on the phase two of the Wellfleet Harbor maintenance dredging project.

For this stage of works, the contractors will remove over 115,000 cubic yards of material from areas surrounding the Town Pier in Wellfleet Harbor.

Last year, the Army Corps hired dredging contractor Cashman Dredging to dredge the channel 10 feet deep and 125 feet wide.

During the works, the contractor removed over 150,000 cubic yards of material from the channel. The dredged material was loaded into scows and taken to the Cape Cod Bay Disposal Site (CCBDS).

Phase two of the project, which began in early October, will continue through the allowable dredging seasons, October 1 through December 31, of 2021.

Upon completion this dredging project will restore all-tide navigation for commercial and recreational users while also improving water quality for shellfish propagation.

Photo: Wellfleet Harbormaster