EBC dredging conference in November

Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) will on Tuesday, November 9th, hold the 15th Annual Dredging Conference in an online format.


This EBC Dredging Conference will focus on how important the geotechnical evaluation of the existing infrastructure, shorelines and sediment is in the dredging and removal of sediments and the placement of environmental caps.

With any dredging or sediment capping project, engineering and geotechnical evaluations are critical to a successful and safe project.

It is critical to evaluate existing infrastructure to ensure it remains stable and can withstand the removal of sediment or the placement of an environmental cap.

Additionally, the need to evaluate the sediment itself to ensure that the slopes do not fail additional dredging or causing shoreline instability. When looking at environmental caps, geotechnical evaluation is critical to ensure the cap can be installed per the design.