Electric Marlin Class dredge delivered to Gerke Excavating

Gerke Excavating Inc., located in Tomah, WI, recently took delivery of a highly powered customized cutter head dredge, the DSC 10300 Series Electric Marlin Class dredge.


The Marlin Class dredge is designed to meet the needs of deep mining and aggregate deposits. The dredge is designed to reach extreme dredging depths due to its underwater pump system and high-torque cutter drive assembly.

Specifically, this newbuild came with the Digging Jet which includes DSC’s highly innovative, user-friendly bottom visualization system, DSC VISION.

According to Wayne McGinnis, Mining Operations Supervisor with Gerke Excavating Inc., “DSC Vision has been a phenomenal system, it is very helpful for the operators, and has exceeded all expectations. The software is incomparable to anything else we have ever utilized.”

“DSC values our partnership with the Gerke family. As they have shared, our business models are very similar, and our values are aligned which made this a win-win relationship all around. We are excited to be a part Gerke’s continued growth in the dredging industry.” commented William J. Wetta, DSC Dredge.

The Marlin can reach dredging depths down to 96 feet (29.3 m). Standard discharge sizes range from 10 inches (250 mm) to 24 inches (600 mm).

With customization, the Marlin can reach dredging depths of 200 feet (61 m) and discharge sizes can range up to 36 inches (900 mm)—accommodating a wide range of applications and conditions while maximizing efficiency.

Read more about the new DSC dredge delivered earlier this year here: https://dscdredge.com/news/426