North Sandy Pond barrier bar restored

New York State DEC Commissioner, Basil Seggos, has announced the completion of the restoration of the North Sandy Pond barrier bar.

The $600,000 project – awarded to the town of Sandy Creek, Oswego County – was part of the State’s Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI).

The North Sandy Pond barrier bar is part of the largest barrier-pond ecosystem on Lake Ontario’s New York shore. The barrier bar protects North Sandy Pond, as well as the homes and local businesses along its border.

The area suffered significant damage in 2017 and 2019, when historically high lake levels and intense wave action eroded the dunes along the barrier bar. photo

DEC Commissioner and REDI Commission Co-Chair, Basil Seggos, said: “Through the Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative, New York State agencies are partnering with shoreline communities to identify, reimagine, and rebuild at-risk assets.”

“By advancing projects like the North Sandy Pond barrier bar and the Ontario Main Wastewater Pumping Station, New York State is strengthening local economies and protecting vital infrastructure from future floods and high water while safeguarding wildlife habitat.”

To restore the barrier bar and protect North Sandy Pond, sand along 4,000 feet of shoreline was replaced using sand dredged from the adjacent navigational channel and the shoal behind the channel.

The sand had been washed into the channel during storm surges due to higher water levels on the lake.

In addition, local volunteers planted dune grass to help stabilize the reconstructed dunes.

The completed project strengthens the barrier bar dividing North Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario, providing protection to homes and businesses.

North Sandy Pond is designated as a Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat and is home to a variety of vegetation and wildlife.