Royal IHC latest dredger ready for delivery (VIDEO)

Royal IHC announced recently that trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) BAHIA SAN CARLOS has successfully completed its sea trials.

Royal IHC

After more than three weeks of extensive testing in the North Sea, the newbuild is ready for her owners, reported IHC.

The BAHIA SAN CARLOS of Easydredge 2700 series was ordered by the Secretaria de Marina in Mexico in late 2020.

“Our dedicated teams from the Krimpen aan de IJssel and Kinderdijk yards have worked hard in the last 9 months and managed to complete the ship according to plan and we thank them for successfully outfitting this beautiful Royal IHC vessel,” the company said.

View on Youtube.

Royal IHC has started to build the Easydredg 2700 for stock in response to the increasing global demand for TSHDs with an extremely short delivery time.

These dredgers have a straightforward design, standardized components and a short delivery time, making them a great start or addition to any dredging fleet.

The Easydredge series comes in three different sizes – 1,600m³, 2,700m³ and 3,700m³ version.