SPI Mobile Pulley Works under new management

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works announced yesterday that together with an investment company, Bill Prine III, Billy Prine Jr’s son, acquired the company as President and will run the daily operations.

Robert Jonk, who joined SPI/Mobile Pulley Works in 2016, will take the position as senior vice president in the new organization and will be focusing on the commercial aspects and business development.

“We thank Billy for his leadership and key role in developing SPI/Mobile Pulley Works as one of the leading international dredging manufacturers. He will continue to serve SPI/Mobile Pulley Works commercially and through his role on the board of directors,” the company said.

The investors and new management team will be committed to the growth of SPI/Mobile Pulley Works through continuous operational improvement as well as organic and inorganic growth of the business. SPI/Mobile Pulley Works will enhance their product line by making it more seamless, adding new products, and increasing investment in both the plant and human assets.

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works President Bill Prine commented: “We are excited about advancing SPI/Mobile Pulley Work’s historic legacy of 130 years of continued operations. Investments will be made to our facility and staff, as well as a concerted effort to grow the business in legacy markets, like dredging, wet-mining and marine, and to develop the offshore and wind markets. Our experienced team is excited and committed to the success of our business and to continuing service and support to our customers and business partners.”

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works is one of world’s leading suppliers of dredge components, complete dredging installations for both CSD and TSHD, large fabrications, centrifugal pumps and wear parts, castings and machined parts for the dredging industry. With more than 130 years of experience, the company’s commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction is known worldwide.

At the moment the company is working on a new, 27-inch cutter suction dredge for US dredging company Mike Hooks. The newbuild – to be named Lorraine Hooks – is scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2022.

Last year, SPI/Mobile Pulley Works successfully delivered one of the largest and most powerful cutter suction dredges in the United States, the 24,000 HP (approx. 18,000 kW) General MacArthur.