Causeway Lake dredging plan on the table

Livingstone Shire Council, Qld, is seeking feedback on the future of the Causeway Lake precinct. 

The purpose of the initial consultation is to determine what the community’s expectations and aspirations are regarding lake restoration, future use options, and shoreline development.

“Livingstone Shire Council is in the process of evaluating options for the restoration and development of Causeway Lake and the shoreline and we want the community’s feedback on how they use the lake and what they would like to see happen with its future use,” said their Mayor Andy Ireland.

“The Queensland Government agrees with Council in that there is merit in restoring the lake and developing the shoreline with this most recent evaluation providing the clearest picture yet of what lake dredging will entail.”

“The extent of the dredge, amount of materials, methodology, environmental impact, and disposal options were all investigated. 

“The cost of dredging was estimated at $7million, which means Council would need to seek funding support from other levels of government to carry out these major works.

“It should be noted that the process of seeking approvals for dredging will take approximately two years, with a further year for the actual dredging.”

Consultation closes on 6 February, with the results expected to be presented to Council in mid-February.