Tsunami strikes Santa Cruz Harbor, dredge pipeline damaged

Crews have been working to assess the damage at the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, CA, in the wake of Saturday’s tsunami that struck in the early morning hours after a massive underground volcano erupted in the South Pacific.

Districts Make the Difference

As a result of the strong tsunami surge, the Santa Cruz Power District’s dredge pipeline, which intersects the main navigation channel, sustained damage and currently presents a hazard within the entrance.

Additionally, due to issues with the onboard anchoring system for the District’s dredger Twin Lakes, the vessel is currently positioned south of the fuel pier extension in the center channel.

“As a result of extensive flooding in the north harbor during the tsunami, electrical transformers at U, V, W, X, J, and I Docks sustained significant water damage and remain inoperable,” said the District.

Without serviceable transformers, power is unable to be restored to these docks.

The Santa Cruz Port District has contracted with an electrical company to assist with resolving the issue. Crews have been working diligently over the last two days to regain service, but a timeline for power restoration remains unknown.