Cravath and Trippe dredging underway

Dredging operations on Cravath and Trippe Lakes started on February 2, as part of the Lakes Drawdown Project in the City of Whitewater, Wisconsin. photo

After many weeks of preparation with a controlled burn, skinning snow and vegetation from the top and laying wood matting, Stout Construction was able to begin removing dredged material from both lakes last week.

“Dredging started this past Wednesday and crews are working from the middle of Trippe Lake and moving south at this point. They will continue to remove sediment along the planned channel eventually moving north in the following week,” the City said.

Dredging on Cravath is also underway. The dredge area is at the south end of the lake and the crews will continue to work north towards the park over the next week. 

Dredged material will be removed through Cravath Lake Front Park boat launch area.

In an effort to freeze out invasive species, restore navigation channels, and improve overall health within the lakes, the City of Whitewater began the process of draining Tripp and Cravath Lakes in July 2019.

Originally planned to last 24 months over three calendar years, the project was extended an additional year to ensure the maximum amount of lakebed exposure for freezing and/or dredging.