Ashdod Port’s Quay 21 upgrade project complete

ADYR Constructions has just announced the successful completion of Ashdod Port’s Quay 21 transformation project.

According to the company, this milestone is the result of cooperation and collaboration between the client (Israel Port Company), the port operator (Ashdod Port Ltd), the contractor (China Harbor Engineering Company) and the project management company (ADYR Constructions Ltd).

“We are proud to complete another milestone of this amazing project exactly as planned. This is the result of cooperation and collaboration between all parties who worked resolutely to achieve the tight schedule,” said ADYR in the release.

As reported, the 850m Quay which was originally build for General Cargo (-14.5m depth) has now been transformed to accommodate EEE vessels (18,000 TEU, dead weight 200,000 tons) on its eastern part (-17.3m depth) while allowing larger cargo vessels at its western part (-16.0m depth).

Overall the project included:

  • Dredging of high strength calcareous sand using backhoe dredger;
  • Dredging of sand and clay using TSHD;
  • Installation of combi wall for closed Quay structure (HZ and AZ piles) and steel pipes along the open Quay zone while using a special built hydraulic platform;
  • Installation of rear anchor wall and tie rods;
  • Underwater sheet piles to improve slope stability due to dredging works adjacent to existing structures;
  • Quay infrastructure and pavement; etc.

Photo: ADYR Constructions