Protecting Tybee Island from growing storm surge

Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff has introduced a bill to protect Tybee Island from the effects of growing storm surge.

Ossoff, alongside Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock, last week introduced the Tybee Island Storm Risk Management Act to ensure Tybee Island has the resources it needs to protect from sea level rise, storm surge, coastal flooding, and other impacts of climate change.

“This bill will help protect the beautiful Tybee Island as part of my ongoing effort to support, protect, and invest in coastal Georgia,” Senator Ossoff said.

“Regular renourishment of the City of Tybee Island’s beach is crucial for protecting Tybee Island’s economy and the safety of its residents from damage due to storm surges and coastal flooding,” added Senator Warnock.

“For nearly 50 years, the federal government and the City of Tybee Island have been partnering on the Tybee Island Beach Erosion Control Project to make sure residents and visitors are able to enjoy the island for years to come.”

“Tybee is important to Georgia, and beach renourishment is important to Tybee. We are glad to see this legislation, which will help Tybee maintain its essential role in tourism. Its passage also means that the City will be more resilient to storms and sea-level rise in the future,” said Coastal Director of The Georgia Conservancy, Charles H. McMillan, III.

Tybee Island has been one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the state of Georgia since the 1870s and has experienced 10 inches of sea level rise since 1935.

This new legislation by Ossoff and Warnock will ensure Tybee Island can continue to implement coastal storm risk management projects for at least 50 more years.

Photo: City of Tybee Island