Italian Lake dredging underway

Dredging operations are currently underway on the south end of Italian Lake, the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said.

This area of the lake will be cordoned off for safety purposes.

The dredging project, started on February 17, is expected to take about two weeks.

According to the city, the dredging process will remove sedimentation and debris from the bottom of the lake to increase depth, restore stormwater retention capacity, improve water clarity and improve the ecological health of the lake.

Parks and Recreation, City of Harrisburg facebook photo

David Baker, director of parks, recreation and facilities for the city, said that they will remove around 64,000 cubic feet of sedimentation within the two-week-long process.

To do this, the city is using a large machine that filters out the sediment from the water, sucking it up and collecting it in a large bag. 

All of the waste collected from the lake will be recycled, according to Baker.

Photo: Parks and Recreation, City of Harrisburg facebook