West Sands dune restoration works underway

Sand dune restoration work is currently underway along West Sands beach, the St Andrews Links Trust said.


The dune enhancement work on West Sands, which began in 2010 following serious storm damage, is now officially recognised as Scotland’s largest and longest running programme of dune restoration.
This next phase will include the build of two new ‘clavicular gate’ dunes and infilling two large, low areas of the dune ridge. The dunes will be fenced to assist trapping sand and planted with Marram and Lyme grass harvested locally, helping stabilise the new sand dunes.

St Andrews Links Trust Environmental Development Officer, Ranald Strachan, said: “Since 2010 we have restored up to 2.5km of dune gaining the equivalent ground of 8 holes of golf course through adding dunes, planting grasses, fencing dunes and natural build up.”

“Our experienced fencing team will be restoring the dune fences and Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and local volunteers will be assisting with the replanting of the new dunes.”

“To ensure the safety of the team and visitors to the area, there will be closures in place of certain access routes through the dunes and the southern part of the beach will be restricted during operations,” said St Andrews Links Trust.

“Due to large dump trucks travelling at a reasonable speed on the beach, the public are being asked not stop or play within restricted areas and dogs should be kept on their leads around any machinery. There will be a large excavator present at the north end of the beach and on the dunes within the restricted area.”

Signage will be in place to help members of the public navigate the area and all routes will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.