Eastoke beach works in full swing

Coastal Partners – part of Havant Borough Council – have just announced that work is underway on the next South Hayling Beach recycling campaign.

Coastal Partners

Beach recycling is the movement of material from areas of beach build up to areas of erosion. This helps to restore beach levels and increase the standard of protection against flooding.

According to the announcement, several storm events have occurred since the last work was undertaken in September 2021, which has narrowed the beach and reduced its height.

By undertaking works in March Coastal Partners aim to build the beach back to its design profile and be complete prior to the Easter holidays.

The works – fully funded by the Environment Agency – are being carried out by the contractor, Les Searle Group.

The campaign will take place along the southern frontage of Hayling Island, with material extracted from the beach between the Coastguard Hut and Inn on the Beach, and deposited along the residential frontage at Eastoke.