High level of erosion at Black Rock beach

Recent high tides have washed away significant amounts of sand at Black Rock beach, reducing the much loved strip to a shadow of its former self, Bayside City Council said.

Bayside City Council

“We have alerted the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to the high level of erosion of the beach and advocated for future beach renourishment. It is also likely that the sand will seasonally return to the beach as happened 12 years ago when erosion reached a similar level,” said the council.

The beach access path just south of the Black Rock Lifesaving Club has been closed due to changes in sand levels and the council is assessing whether it is possible to extend one of the ramps to reach the beach.

With the exception of Dendy Street Beach, beaches and coastline along the 17kms of Bayside foreshore are Crown Land and managed by Council on behalf of the Victorian Government .

According to their latest announcement, the council “will continue to monitor the surrounding infrastructure for any changes and ensure safe access to the affected area.”