Port MacDonnell dredging kicks off

Dredging works are now underway at Port MacDonnell to improve safety and access to the harbor, boat ramp and mooring ground.

SA Infrastructure and Transport

The project will remove a significant accumulation of sandy materials at the harbor entrance and mooring grounds as well as a build-up of seaweed inside the (harbor) channel, improving safety and access to the harbour, boat ramp and mooring ground for all boat users.

Works will be undertaken 24-hours a day, seven days-a-week, to ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible.

SA Infrastructure and Transport photo

Works will cease if dolphins or seals are observed within five metres of any dredging, said the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, a department of the South Australian Government.

“The harbor entrance will be accessible to boat operators during the works, however the ramp will be limited to one lane until late April. Boats using the boat haven entrance should use caution and follow the 4-knot speed limit,” according to the officials.

Works are expected to be completed by late July 2022, weather permitting.

Organic materials dredged from the channel will be screened, drained and transported to the adjacent western beach. Sand dredged from the harbor entrance will be deposited for replenishment of sandy beaches located east of the harbor.