It’s time for the annual Weipa dredging campaign

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) will soon embark on another maintenance dredging campaign at the Port of Weipa.

NQBP CEO Nicolas Fertin said that the hopper dredger Brisbane is due to begin work from late April 2022.

“Maintenance dredging works are an integral part of port operations,” Mr Fertin said. “The works are expected to start in late April and take up to eight weeks to complete. The increase in the average annual project duration is due to additional material requiring removal after a series of severe weather events.”

He reminded boaties to take extra care when on the water during the dredging works. “The Brisbane and its support vessels have restricted manoeuvring capability. We urge people on the water to pay close attention to displayed warning flags and lights.”

TSHD Brisbane at Evans Landing Wharf during the 2020 maintenance dredging program

The maintenance dredging will be conducted in line with all approvals and permits, including a range of strict environmental conditions.

Environmental monitoring and management measures will also be implemented throughout the campaign to minimise the risk of any potential impacts on the marine environment.

NQBP has managed the annual maintenance dredging program at the Port of Weipa for more than 35 years.

Dredging will also be completed at Amrun on behalf of Rio Tinto.

Photo: NQBP