Broome to get new boating facility

The Department of Transport WA has been working closely with local agencies and stakeholders over recent years to develop a new boating facility concept for Broome.

Shire of Broome

The new boating facility in Broome has long been considered as essential to address critical safety and access issues. This is particularly associated with boating launch and retrieval, and transfer between vessels and shore.

Large tides (up to 10 metres), strong currents, wind and waves can at times create hazardous conditions at the existing exposed beaches and boat ramps where conditions can change very quickly.

A working committee (The Broome Boating Facility Advisory Group) was established by the Shire of Broome (Chair) together with the Nyamba Buru Yawuru, Kimberley Development Commission, Kimberley Ports Authority and the Department of Transport to advance a development concept.

Following extensive technical work, community and stakeholder engagement, the committee recently presented a preferred location and design for the new facility.

Overall, the proposal consists of development of a smaller boating facility at the location of the existing boat ramps at Entrance Point. The facility is proposed to include a sheltered boat launching facility with four ramp lanes and two floating pontoon jetties.

The facility will require sheltering breakwater arms adjacent to the ramp and a detached offshore breakwater to screen larger waves. These are expected to be constructed from rock but alternative materials and construction methodologies may be explored in the detailed design phase.

Now, the officials are working to prepare a detailed Business Plan for the state government consideration seeking capital funding to deliver the project.