New sand arrives onto Miami Beach

The USACE Miami Beach Renourishment Project is underway.

According to USACE, the crews will begin stockpiling sand and material placement on the beach in the week ahead.

“Beachgoers and concessionaires are reminded that beach access is restricted during beach construction. Operations will be ongoing this coming Saturday, May 7,” said USACE.

Under the plan, around 835,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand will be placed on approximately 11,400 feet of critically eroded shoreline to widen the beach to approximately 90 feet on various segments along the Miami Beach.

The project provides coastal storm risk management, including beach erosion control and hurricane surge protection.

Beach renourishment projects protect infrastructure, preserve wildlife, support the economy, and build coastal resiliency.

The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2023.

Photo: USACE