Nullah Lai dredging starts

The Pakistan’s Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) started the annual dredging and desilting work of Nullah Lai in the City of Rawalpindi yesterday.

Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi

According to WASA  Managing Director (MD), Raja Shoukat Mehmood, the dredging works started from the Gawalmandi Bridge area.

Also, he added that the cleaning work of Nullah Lai would be completed before the start of monsoon.

He further said that WASA Rawalpindi already finalized the monsoon 2022 plan – like every year – including cleaning of sewerage lines, annual cleaning of Nullah Lai as well as inspection of WASA machinery.

In its official announcement, Mr. Mehmood appealed to the residents along Nullah Lai to avoid throwing and dumping solid waste into the waterway because it creates hindrances to the flow of Nullah which results in flooding during monsoon season.