Lake Adger dredging completed

At a recent Polk County Board of Commissioners meeting, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Chief Engineer, Gary Gardner, made a presentation about the recently completed dredging project at Lake Adger.

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission made the main channel near the boat ramp wider and deeper and removed a lot of the sedimentation near the point, said.

“All of that work went well,” Gardner said.

Workers found more sedimentation, he said, so it was authorized that an additional 500 feet be dredged.

“We went a little above and beyond what we thought we’d have to do,” Gardner added.

New wetlands were made with the sediment and that area now looks like a sandy beachy area, but the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will plant vegetation there in the fall.

The original plan was to dredge 6,800 cubic yards of sediment from Lake Adger, but because of the large amount of sediment found, 10,194 cubic yards were dredged.

According to, this allowed the Commission to make the pass as wide and as deep as it could be.

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