WEDA’s Sea Level Rise webinar this Thursday

The Western Dredging Association has announced the time and date of WEDA’s next webinar that will deal with the topic of sea level rise.


Their next webinar: ‘Contextualizing Sea Level Rise presented by WEDA’s fellow Kendall Brome’ will take place on Thursday, May 26, 2022, at noon EST.

Part one of the webinar will be a presentation by Kendall on the recently released National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report.

General discussions will include:

  • An overview of current sea level trends in the United States;
  • A summary of the key takeaways from the report;
  • Ways the dredging industry can be aware and involved in coastal resiliency.

Part two of the webinar will be a Q&A about the WEDA Fellowship, what Kendall’s experience has been like, and how other students can get involved in WEDA.

Kendall Brome is a current graduate student at Louisiana State University and the first ever Western Dredging Association Fellow. Kendall completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Coastal Environmental Science at LSU in 2020 and immediately began working on her Master of Science degree in Physical Geography and Geology, also at LSU, which she will complete at the end of 2022.

She has been a student member of WEDA since 2019 and has had the opportunity to attend the Gulf Coast Chapter meeting and will be at the upcoming WEDA Dredging Summit and Expo.

Having lived in south Louisiana for the past 6 years, Kendall has seen first-hand some of the most pressing environmental issues of the present day. She has taken a specific interest in understanding changes in sea level and how they impact coastal communities and ecosystems.