New bill includes funding for three infrastructure projects in Savannah

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee last week introduced a new bill which includes funding for three major water infrastructure projects in Georgia.

According to the Corps, the bill H.R. 7776, the Water Resources Development Act, introduced by the Committee will address funding for three projects in Savannah and surrounding areas.

Included in the bill are Tybee Island Beach Nourishment Project, the Brunswick Harbor Modification Project, and the Savannah Harbor Modification Study.

“The funding in this year’s WRDA will help preserve 110 miles of Georgia’s pristine coastline for generations to come and will elevate our shipping industry in both Brunswick and Savannah. By creating jobs and protecting residents against storm damage, taxpayers will directly benefit from this investment of their hard-earned dollars,” commented one of the sponsors of the bill, Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter.

Specifically, the WRDA authorizes:

  • An additional 50 years of beach nourishment on Tybee Island that will protect against hurricane and storm damage.
  • Support for the Brunswick Harbor Modifications Project, which will improve ship traffic in the Brunswick Harbor.
  • A feasibility study aimed at increasing transportation efficiency and improving vessel safety within the Savannah Harbor.

Photo: USACE