Delphinidae contract for Siport21

The Port Authority of Castellon, Spain, has awarded Siport21 the impact evaluation study of the “Delphinidae” project.


With a budget of 325.000 euros and six-month execution period, this is one of the major entity real-time ship manoeuvring studies requested by a Spanish Port Authority.

The study will assess the current configuration of the Port and two future developments which include a new expansion area at south basin and the construction of a new dock, called “Delphinidae”.

Siport21 photo

This paper will determine the maximum operational limits, namely the maximum acceptable vessel size at each dock together with wind and wave limit conditions.

To this aim, Siport21 will evaluate the required navigable space (access channel, stopping distance, spaces for turning and docking phase) based on the weather conditions and the occupation of adjacent docks.

As a result of the study, the company will provide recommendations related to operational limits referring to meteorological conditions and tug requirements.

The project considers up to 450 ship simulation manoeuvres combining a fast-time model and real-time simulation in Siport21 Maritime Simulation Center.

Pilots and Harbour Masters will be involved in this project to verify the results and familiarize themselves with the new manoeuvres and access conditions in order to improve safety.

“Delphinidae” will boost the competitiveness of Port of Castellon. This project includes the construction of a new dock in the south basin. The new infrastructure will catch up new industries and traffics, said Siport21.