Hopper dredge Brisbane returning to the Port of Bundaberg

Trailer Suction Hopper Dredge Brisbane will once again return to Port of Bundaberg for another dredging campaign.


According to Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd. (GPC), TSHD Brisbane will be dredging alongside the Bundaberg main wharf for approx. five days.

The dredging, expected to begin next week, will ensure there’s sufficient depth to facilitate the safe and efficient shipping to the port and to reduce post flood maintenance dredging.

GPC also said that this is not the first time for TSHD Brisbane to work in Bundaberg waters as the dredger is engaged annually to conduct maintenance dredging operations in the area. Over the years, the vessel worked tirelessly to keep the main berth depth at 10.5 meters and channel depth at 8.6m.

Some of these campaigns included removal of up to 100,000 tonnes of material in order to restore the declared depths and allow for safe passage of vessels using the harbor.