Cedar Lake dredging project on the way

The Town of Cedar Lake (IN) is making final preparations before the official launch of their lake dredging project.

Dredge America

At the moment, the town is building a dewatering facility and had to bore under the CSX Train line to place some of the pipe that the water and sediment will flow through for the dredging itself.

“It may look like there is nothing happening, but the crews are working on the site where the dredged materials will be filtered,” the town said in the release. “It is a very large site that must be completely done before the physical dredging can start.”

Earlier this year, the town’s council awarded the 5.9 million Cedar Lake contract to Dredge America, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri.

The contract calls for the removal of approximately 300,000 cubic yards of sediment over the next two years, with each season taking place from July till November.

Once completed (likely 2024) the Cedar Lake dredging project will reduce decades of sediment that has contaminated the lake.