PHOTO: TSHD Freja R spraying sand in Lønstrup

Rohde Nielsen recently started work on a beach nourishment project at Lønstrup in Denmark.

Rohde Nielsen

According to the company, all the sand comes from a maintenance project in Hirtshals Port, where the hopper dredger Freja R, is dredging approximately 190.000m3.

Without the new sand, waves and currents would wear and move back the Lønstrup coast by 1-1.5m on an annual basis.

That’s why the State and Hjørring Municipality have entered into a joint agreement to feed the beach at Lønstrup.

In order to renourish the shoreline at Lønstrup, Freja R will make multiple trips to deliver the new sand onto the beach.

This involves dredging sand from the Hirtshals Port and placing it in the water, approx. 200m off the beach. Waves and currents will then deposit the sand onto the Lønstrup beach providing an additional buffer against future storms and coastal erosion.