Southern Shores beach nourishment complete

Town of Southern Shores yesterday released a special announcement about the 2022 Beach Nourishment campaign.

Town of Southern Shores

It looks like the contractor has finished dredging and sand pumping operations in Southern Shores on Nov. 22, according to the latest update.

“Last week, based only on visual inspection it was difficult to determine if the project design goal had been achieved,” the town said in the update.

At the bi-weekly public beach nourishment update meeting held November 30th engineers with Coastal Protection Engineering confirmed that the contractor, Weeks Marine, placed less sand on the beach north of 5th Ave. than the original project design set forward.

“Having learned this information only on Wednesday, the Town Council has not yet had the opportunity to meet for discussion and determine options,” the town said.

Dare County entered the contract with Weeks Marine on behalf of four towns to nourish their beaches. The Town has communicated this contract concern to Dare County and will be coordinating with them moving forward. This matter will be on the agenda at the December 6th Council meeting for discussion.