Rohde Nielsen wraps up Rungsted beach nourishment

Rohde Nielsen has completed a beach nourishment project near Rungsted Port in Denmark, for the client VG Entreprenør.

Rohde Nielsen
Rohde Nielsen photo

Before the project, the coast was only protected by a small pile of rocks, which was insufficient during storms and tough weather.

To ensure more effective and natural protection of the coast, the trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Trud R delivered 48.000 m3 of sand, in order to construct a 30 m wide beach.

Rohde Nielsen photo

The Trud R is a unique split hopper dredger.

The hopper splits easily in very shallow water, with a draught of merely 3.8 m fully loaded, and thereby unloads the material in a very exact, quick and highly economic way.

This vessel is able to dredge at depths of 28 m, with possibility of extension to 40 m.