West Crab Island dredging project starting soon

Gold Coast Waterways Authority is gearing up for their first project in 2023, the West Crab Island dredging works.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority

The project is aimed at improving access and connections to the waterways by dredging the West Crab Island Channel (North) located between Ephraim Island Bridge and the Coomera River (South branch).

The West Crab Island Channel (north) dredging will focus on levelling and dredging sand shoaling, with approximately 23,000 cubic metres of sand to be beneficially reused to nourish the open beach at Narrowneck, said GCWA in the release.

GCWA also added that the works will be undertaken by a trailer hopper dredge and bed leveller. The dredge will be regularly transporting dredge material from the navigation channel through the Seaway to the Narrowneck deposition site.