Rohde Nielsen wraps up Thyborøn project

The Danish Coastal Authority (Kystdirektoratet) has just shared the latest photos of the Thyborøn coastal protection project.

Danish Coastal Authority

According to Kystdirektoratet, the contractor Rohde Nielsen successfully completed the Thyborøn beach nourishment project by delivering approx. 300.000m3 of sand on a 1.5 km long stretch of the coast.

Some of the vessels that took part in the project include hopper dredgers Magni R, Trud R, Embla R, and Ask R.

Rohde Nielsen was in 2020 awarded a long-term contract for the protection of the Danish west coast by the Danish Coastal Authority.

The west coast is exposed to severe erosion due to the rough weather in the North Sea, which is why protection of the beaches and coasts is continuously required.

In 2022, the company delivered 4.620.000m3 of sand to 8 different stretches, of which 1.550.000m3 was used for beach nourishment and 3.070.000m3 for foreshore nourishment.