S.A.M.E. Dredging introduces cutter dredger SD500

S.A.M.E. Dredging, a South Africa based supplier of dredging equipment, has just introduced its new Cutter SD500.


According to the company, this dredger is capable of pumping approximately 500 m³/hr of wet sediment, slurry at between S.G. of 1,3 – 1,6.

samedredging.co.za photo

This piece of equipment is diesel driven and requires an onboard operator to run. Also, it has a cutter arm of approximately 5m which can swivel 90 degrees.

The cutter head has optional cover bars which prevent the cutter from touching the pond’s lining, said the company.

The dredger is run off 228kW, 1500rpm engine. The slurry pump is an on-board pump which runs direct online from the engine with a maximum flow 500m3/hr at 45m head.

The on-board mechanisms are hydraulically driven and run off of a 20kW electric motor.