Dredging bids submitted for new airport projects in Maldives

Three parties have submitted bids to dredge areas in the Maldives where new airports will be developed, local media reports.


The Government the Republic of Maldives is working to develop airports in six islands on a cross-subsidy basis.

While developers have already been secured to build an airport in one of the islands (F. Magoodhoo), contractors are now being sought to build airports in HDh. Makunudhoo, Sh. Bilehfahi, B. Thulhaadhoo, Th. Vilufushi, and an unspecified island in R. atoll.

The Planning Ministry yesterday said that three bids had been received to dredge and create new land in four of the islands.

The ministry added that bidding was not open to the public and was carried out through a restricted tendering process.

The Planning Ministry is now evaluating the bids in collaboration with the Finance Ministry.

It is a policy of the incumbent government to have an airport within 30 minutes of every residential island.