Rocky Point dredging works complete

Rocky Point boat launch and docks are open to the public again following the maintenance dredging campaign carried out this month.

Vancouver Pile Driving

Since early February, the Rocky Point boat facilities were closed due to the dredging works in the navigational channel of the Port Moody Arm. Dredging has been done here every five to six years for over 20 years now, most recently in 2016.

Facilities such as the boat ramp and docks are in a natural mud flat area. Sediment settles in and around this area from natural processes and must be removed to ensure adequate depth for vessels using the navigation channel and boat ramp.

Maintenance dredging is also done to improve access for marine recreation, prevent damage to dock infrastructure, and address environmental impacts to foreshore habitat.

The contractor, Vancouver Pile Driving used a clamshell bucket to dig and lift sediment onto a barge, which was then transported from Port Moody to an upland disposal site.