Transformation of Damen CSD range underway

With the arrival of the main pontoon at Damen dredging yard, the transformation of their CSD range is underway.


“Equipped with an integrated spud carriage as standard, this innovative design features three pontoons instead of 6 – fast and practical assembly and still transportable by road,” said Damen.

Damen photo

“All design elements and components of the new CSD range have been reviewed using the feedback from our customer base, as well as the expertise from across the Damen Group and its suppliers,” said the company.

An advanced series of dredge pumps will deliver increased production and discharge distance.

The latest  CSDs have also been made as compact as possible so as to reduce transport costs.

“However, the advantage of the dredgers having a very large swing width is retained by maximising their length,” Damen concluded.