PHOTO: Dredge CURRITUCK floats again

Over the past few months, excellent progress has been made on the overhaul of the hopper dredge CURRITUCK, which is currently getting a $9.6 million makeover at Memphis District’s Ensley Engineer Yard.


Earlier this week, the Ensley crew moved the CURRITUCK off the drydock so they could move on to the next big project.

While much has been done on the CURRITUCK, like the completely redone pilot house, it still has a ways to go and will stay docked at the EEY stringout for the time being, reported the Army Corps.

Overall, this massive 18-month overhaul project includes replating of the hull and repairing significant structural damage found when hull plating was removed; fabrication of a new pilot house, deck house, fuel tanks, and two winch houses.

The project also calls for complete rewiring of the vessel; installation of new fuel lines, dredge lines, hydraulic lines, potable water system, generators, motors, z-drive propulsion units, and marine sanitation device; replacement of damaged structural members and bumper rails all the way around; realigning the entire vessel; and completely sandblasting and painting it.