Rohde Nielsen wraps up Poland dredging gig

Rohde Nielsen recently completed major capital and maintenance dredging project in Gdansk North Port for the client Gdynia Port Authority.

Rohde Nielsen

The project – related to the construction of a new deep-sea outer harbor – included deepening of the port entrance and turning circle, which was split into various parts.

To make the new entrance accessible, Rohde Nielsen dredged over 5.1 million m3 of unsuitable soils, silty sand, and soft clay material, which was subsequently placed at a designated disposal site 16km from the port.

Additionally, more than 2.6 million m3 of sand were dredged and used for beach nourishment on various beaches.

The water depths in the port were deepened from -8 and -12 meters to -17,5 meters, by removing approximately 7.775.000 m3 of material.

The units Balder R, Njord R, Magni R, Thor R. Loke R, and Vidar R carried out the job.