Bridport Harbour dredging operations to begin this week

Bridport Harbour and Dorset Council announced today that the harbour dredging operations are due to start on 24th March 2023.

Bridport Harbour

According to the Notice to Mariners No. 01/2023, the area to be dredged is the entrance and outer harbour.

During the works, the discharge pipe will run from the dredger up the slipway along the Esplanade and onto the Western rock groyne.

Dredging of the Bridport Harbour – West Bay – is scheduled for completion by latest 21st April 2023.

What dredging involves

Dorset harbours provide safe mooring and launching facilities for small boats and are important refuges along the coast for any vessels at sea that may be in difficulties.

Harbours can suffer from sediment deposits either from rivers or from the natural action of waves on beaches. To maintain the safe depths for the navigational channels and water ways this sediment is removed on a regular basis.

Every year the accumulated sediment that has deposited over the last twelve months is dredged from the navigational channels and used to build up the local beaches.