Duck beachfill work finally to begin in April

The Town of Duck, North Carolina, has just released an update about the town’s beach nourishment project.

Photo courtesy of USACE

In the update the town said that Weeks Marine is planning to begin work in Duck in early April. They expect to complete the nourishment and have all equipment removed by Memorial Day.

“The contractor installed the subline on March 21, 2023 and is planning to begin work in Duck on April 10. They will be moving equipment next week but will not be moving on the beach over Easter weekend,” the town stated in the release.

The Duck beach project includes nourishment of approximately 1.6 miles of shoreline from the Army Corps Pier north to Skimmer Way at a construction cost of $7.4 million.

Construction was originally slated to begin last November, but the project was delayed due to equipment issues, minor weather- related delays, and commitment to another time- sensitive job.

Dare County, with whom the contract was made, thier coastal engineers, Weeks Marine staff members, and the Town of Duck worked on a contract modification to ensure that the beachfill project is properly constructed this spring.

However, this change in schedule, while unfortunate, will have beach nourishment completed before the busier time of year and after the typically heavier part of the winter storm season.